Opeka Auto Repair is a Hyundai Recognized Repair Facility ready to take on anything your car or SUV might need after an accident! Our shop is inspected on a yearly basis to make sure our methods and equipment line up with Hyundai’s standards. Not only can we help with complete collision repair, but also any mechanical repair needs all in-house. For more information, please visit: https://www.hyundaiusa.com/myhyundai/consumerawareness.

  • Our technicians are I-CAR trained to diagnose and repair any model of Hyundai vehicle.
  • Post-accident calibrations are performed in-house.
  • We are inspected, tested and have the training to repair your vehicle to Hyundai’s standards.
  • We recommend using genuine Hyundai parts to maintain the performance, durability and safety of your vehicle.

* Hyundai USA states that “while the use of Hyundai genuine parts is not required to keep your Hyundai manufacturer warranties, should damage result from the use or installation of non-Hyundai genuine parts, Hyundai or its authorized dealers would have the right to deny warranty coverage for that part and charge you for any repairs”.